Gail's Quilt for ME 2004 Voting

Voting Results

This little project turned into a bit of an education for me in election methods. Some good stuff can be found at I used the Condorcet method to determine the winner. Since I found their discussion a little hard to follow, I renamed my options 1 - 4 to A - D to be compatible with their example, and reduce the number of numbers I was dealing with!

In the Condorcet method, the rankings are used to determine the winners in a series of paired races: A vs. B, A vs. C, A vs. D, B vs. C, etc. A ranking of DABC (a common vote) means that D beats ABC, A beats BC, B beats C, and C beats no other choice.

The results are: D actually tied with A, but beat B and C by more votes than A did. A was the next choice, followed by B. C was clearly disliked by almost everyone. So, which am I going to choose? I tend to like D a bit better, but the light purple in A is used only in one other place, in the center medallion. I plan to just lay the fabrics together with the top and see how they strike me.

Finally, a big THANKS! to everyone who took the time to vote. You helped me narrow down the choices when I truly couldn't decide, and I very much appreciate your help.

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

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